Figs and Wine Tiramisù

Hello my friends how are you? Have you had a lovely summer? While the North of Europe has suffered crazy high temperatures this year, we have had one of the mildest summers in ages. I can’t really say it’s been cool, but it’s been nice enough for us to venture out for wonderful day trips. As you might remember, once a year we love to … Continue reading Figs and Wine Tiramisù

a roast chicken with Umbrian herb salt for the holidays

Dear friends how are you? Are you also looking back at this year that once again is almost gone, and thinking: wow, it’s good to be here. I do, despite everything. The economy, the crazy weather, the earthquakes (we had two major ones in the last 3 months), the politics, the floods and no olive harvest for the third year in a row. I do … Continue reading a roast chicken with Umbrian herb salt for the holidays

wild fennel and cucumber soup

cold wild-fennel and cucumber soup

August is a long, slow month in Umbria. Most of the world seems to be somewhere else. Italians flock to the beach and everybody else believes it’s not a good time to be here so it’s very quiet here on our magical mountain. Every evening at sunset we sit on the terrace with a glass of beer – we love craft beers recently – and … Continue reading cold wild-fennel and cucumber soup

if only she knew….

Weeks ago I received an email from a woman stating the following: “we considered staying at your B&B for our holidays but we have read on your blog that you are planning to renovate the new part of the house and we are afraid the works will disturb us during our stay”. Indeed last May, after a decade of painstaking negotiations and worries, we have … Continue reading if only she knew….