recipe for italian fig almond orange biscotti

Spiced almond biscotti with candied orange and figs

Do you remember passionately wanting a unique Christmas gift as a child? One of my first gift-related memories is about wishing a blue teddy bear for Christmas. It must have been 1971 or 72. I even had in mind the exact shade of powder blue I still adore. I have always been a bit odd. I was not interested in a regular teddy bear, I wanted … Continue reading Spiced almond biscotti with candied orange and figs

Torta di Pasqua, an Umbrian Easter bread

When I was a child in the late 1960s many homes, including the one of my Umbrian grandmother, didn’t have an oven and took their bread to the bakery for cooking. Easter was an especially busy time, with women preparing Torta di Pasqua, a leavened cheese bread traditionally served for our hearty Easter breakfast. In the countryside, the whole idea of an “egg hunt” had … Continue reading Torta di Pasqua, an Umbrian Easter bread

how I got to be on TV

If you see where I live, atop a magical mountain in a rural area of Italy, you will find it quite surprising that anyone finds me at all.  And it’s probably even more surprising that myself and my family can make a living with our B&B and cooking classes. Mysteries of the internet, most likely. Indeed, after having scrutinized my website statistics for years, I … Continue reading how I got to be on TV

if only she knew….

Weeks ago I received an email from a woman stating the following: “we considered staying at your B&B for our holidays but we have read on your blog that you are planning to renovate the new part of the house and we are afraid the works will disturb us during our stay”. Indeed last May, after a decade of painstaking negotiations and worries, we have … Continue reading if only she knew….