Friggitelli spring peppers

I am a seasonal-vore. I have developed an aversion for foods that are grown...

Classic Italian sauté mushrooms trifolati

Trifolare is a classic Italian method of  cooking thinly sliced vegetables with garlic, olive...

Green stringozzi noodles with creamy roasted squash and ricotta...

This month has been mellow and nostalgic as it's often in October in Umbria....

Vegetarian roasted squash lasagna with pecorino cheese

Deliciously vegetarian, this roasted butternut squash lasagna is light and flavourful with delicate layers of melted cheese.

Roasted asparagus and saffron risotto

Asparagus, one of the best vegetables that spring has to offer, saffron and pancetta combine beautifully in this light and aromatic risotto. Make a wonderful vegetarian version with sun-dried tomatoes instead of pancetta.

Tagliolini pasta with almond pesto and broad beans

Pasta with fava beans and pesto, a delicious vegetarian pasta, with tender, young broad beans, almonds, ricotta and basil

Braised Artichokes alla Romana

A traditional recipe belonging to the Jewish Roman cuisine, artichokes alla Romana are slowly braised in olive oil with garlic, parsley, and mint.

Bandiera, an Italian vegetable stir fry

This is my mum's version of the Provençal ratatouille. A dish like this one...

Potatoes in a salt crust

How to make potatoes cooked in a salt crust, an easy side dish which is perfect for a large dinner party. It's also gluten free, fat free and with a drizzle of good quality extra virgin olive oil needs no sauce. What's there not to love?

Light vegetarian risotto with grilled radicchio

An easy risotto recipe, perfect for winter. Carnaroli rice, slowly cooked in vegetable broth, with diced Asiago cheese, grilled radicchio, white wine, butter, Parmesan and parsley.