Letizia Mattiacci

Your host in Rome

Letizia Mattiacci is cookbook author and owner Madonna del Piatto Cooking Classes in Rome.​

Letizia is a culinary professional and has been teaching about home food, rural traditions, food quality and sustainability for over 20 years. She is a passionate home cook and has chosen to leave her academic career in biology to share her knowledge and enthusiasm about all aspects of Italy’s rural culture, food and ways of life.

Her cooking classes have deserved press mentions on the Seattle Times, The New York Times, National Geographic, Food and Wine magazine and she has also appeared on BBC television in her role of local gastronome. ​Because of her expertise, she has been invited to talk about the Umbrian rural culture and cuisine at UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology, at Dante Alighieri Society in Boston, at NOIAW in Providence RI, at AIS Philadelphia and a number of Italophile Societies all over the United States including the Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association.

Letizia has published two cookbooks "A Kitchen with a view" which has been mentioned in the New York times and the much awaited "Festa Italiana", a beautiful collection of recipes inspired by the festivals and traditions of rural Italy.​