A Kitchen with a View Cookbook by Letizia Mattiacci
If you are my FB friend you probably already know this, there has been quite an online celebration in the last few days!
After 13 years as pans and pots manager of my somewhat public kitchen, I am delighted to announce the publication of my cookbook entitled “A kitchen with a view. Seasonal recipes from Alla Madonna del Piatto cooking school”.
I have written this book to condense for you my knoweldge and food-related philosophy based on my quest to better eating and a lifetime of sharing my kitchen with people from all over the world plus 14 years as a professional cooking teacher.
I hope you will enjoy it and use it until it’s old and broken and covered in stains of delicious sauces.
The book is now available on Amazon both in North America and Europe
Please see below a photo gallery and synopsys.

“Use good quality ingredients in simple combinations. Embrace the rhythm of the seasons. Respect the balance of flavors and textures.”
Applying these principles to traditional, home-style Italian cooking, Letizia Mattiacci has created a collection of over 60 family-friendly recipes from her farmhouse kitchen in the Umbrian mountains above Assisi. Detailed guides to techniques, the quality and choice of ingredients, are sprinkled with stories on local customs and lessons from life. A Kitchen With A View, is a first-hand account of life in the kitchen of a modern Italian family and could hardly be more authentic.
Recipes for classics like fettuccini with black truffle, join new interpretations of traditional dishes, such as the Pear-amisu. Letizia’s style of cooking is light, fresh and accessible to anyone who wishes to cook, and eat, like a true Italian.
After years of experimenting with new and healthy ingredients, Letizia takes you step-by-step to learn how to make, among many delicious recipes, perfect wholegrain cappelletti, gluten-free fresh pasta and crunchy bruschetta bread.
With beautiful photography of the Umbrian countryside and its enchanting hill-towns, a Kitchen With A View, will instantly transport you into the heart of rural Italy and its people.


  1. Dear Letizia,
    I unfortunately did not receive an email yet with the price of you book. Again congratulations! Hope to hear soon the prices to bring it at my home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    Thank you! Manon
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  2. Oh Letizia……you are teasing us. Your recipes and pictures of Umbria, too! Fantastic! Tell us how to buy the cookbook.

  3. Hi Letizia
    Been using your receipes since returning home to Australia! Would love to buy your book….maybe 2 copies!!
    Hopefully I will be back in 2016!
    Kind regards
    Paolo Scaturchio

  4. please send me ordering information for the cookbook. This past weekend, I finally shared the pasta and sauce recipe you taught us in Oct. I had great reviews from my diners.

  5. Really – so much going on in my personal life (Just became a Grandma) that I missed this!!!! SO SO SO excited for you and am buying this right now.
    I will also write a review for you once I get it
    Wish I could have a signed copy – but will just have to pack it with me next time I see you.
    LOVE AND HUGS and standing ovation and congratulations!
    LOVE the title and the cover.

  6. Hi Valerie, thank you so very much! I did see your photo with the little baby, how beautiful! The cookbook is indeed not available on Amazon yet but my publisher is shiping directly for a reasonable rate, I am sending you an email with all info. Love and hugs and above all congratulations beautiful grandma!

  7. Hello Letizia¬† I’m so excited about your new book. ¬†I would like to purchase 4 signed copies. . One for my sister Marianne for her birthday…one for myself and 2 to give as gifts to friends. ¬†How can I get them ¬†shipped. Please let me know. .thank you Joanne Martin¬†
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  8. Hello Letizia
    So excited to see that you have published … I would like to order two copies… One to surprise my daughter on her birthday. We enjoyed our time with you so much and hope to return one day
    Warm regards

  9. Dear Letitia,
    Congratulazione! I am so happy for you and for us! We get to enjoy more of your wonderful cooking and your presence here at home. How do we order the book. I would like 3 copies please! One for me and one for each of my friends who stayed with you in September 2013.
    Warm wishes,
    Geri LaGotta

  10. Hi Letizia,
    Many congratulations on getting such a fabulous book into print…….it is just wonderful……pride of place in my kitchen soon to be used and enjoyed very regularly. …….I really recommend it to all your ‘devotees’ – it really it a joy to own a copy !!!
    I look forward to and your postings immensely.

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