olive oil is good for the heart, in many ways.

This year I have already had my Christmas gift. Within a couple of days of posting the picture of olive harvest, our very small production of olive oil was practically sold out.
Please believe me, I did not make a penny out of it. The costs of production on a small scale are so high that I am lucky if I cover the preparation of the field and the new nets.
However, this is not the point.
The point is the appreciation of friends and former guests of our B&B for what we do here.
We own a small piece of paradise where these trees have been growing for centuries and we keep it alive. We use no chemicals, we respect the soil, we allow the plants to fend for themselves save for a light spring-pruning.
our olive grove

We watch the drupes, every year with worried expectation, until they are just the perfect color to harvest. The color indicates the peak of flavor and smoothness. We work long hours at the end of a busy tourist season to harvest as quick as possible so they don’t become too ripe and loose that beautiful quality
Invariable, at the end of this gigantic effort we happy and proud of the emerald elixir, “the nectar of the olive gods” as a friend of mine calls it. Now, after having acquired a new olive grove, we can share some of it. Its’ been big news for us.
But even more surprising has been the love of people, the understanding of what we do and why, wanting to support and share our little bit of Umbria. So much enthusiasm has blown me away.
This Christmas, even more than usual, I need to give thanks for what I have received.
buon Natale, buone Feste!!!

Thank you also to my friend Gloria from At Home in Tuscany for inviting me to participate with this post to the Italy blogging roundtable special Christmas event. This is organized, besides Gloria, by  the other fabulous rountablers Alexandra from ArtTrav,  Rebecca from Brigolante, Melanie from Italofile, and Jessica from Why Go Italy . Until 14 December, bloggers are invited to expand upon the topic of “gifts,” somehow connected to Italy, on their blogs. You’re still in time to join!

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  1. What a lovely post, Letizia. And I’m sure your oil tastes fantastic! Am I too late to put in order? Now that I’m actually here in Italy, I can pick it up from you!!

  2. Letizia, you have touched so many people with the gift of being yourself and that is the secret of the most wonderful gift a person can give to another…the gift of being the person you are called to be! I am excited and anxious to receive my shipment of the “nectar of the olive gods!” It made me smile that you used Kevin’s description in your blog!

    • Ah Tammy, Kevin’s is one of the best defntion of olive oil I have heard! I wasn’t sure he wanted to be mentioned, so I am happy you commented here. Thank you for your lovely words and Merry Christmas!

  3. Such wonderful sentiments, Letitizia! The olive oil is absolutely delicious, and I can’t wait to share a little bit of Assisi with my friends and family who will be receiving it as Christmas gifts in a few weeks. I’m already looking forward to ordering more after next year’s harvest!

  4. Letizia: Just as you promised, the package of olive oil, your ‘golden nectar’, arrived today. Many thanks for your attentiveness to assure it got here. Can’t wait to share our bounty! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. A beautiful brown box arrived today at my front porch! I was so excited that I ripped it open like a child on Christmas morning! Surely, today was a cause for celebration because I received my shipment of the nectar of the olive gods, aka Letizia’s olive oil! I haven’t told anyone that I have ordered it, Kevin will be so excited to look in his stocking and see a tin! As expressed in another post, thank you for your attentive care to be sure that I received it… I can’t wait to taste it!

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