This post is dedicated to all those who have been waiting for something to finish or to begin, for a problem to solve or simply for the rain to stop.

two rainbows from my window, double joy.

The “Gerusalemme liberata” is an extraordinary XVI century piece of poetry by Torquato Tasso. The theme is fairly embarrassing by now, it’s about Crusades. It is however strongly symbolic of the collected efforts of men to walk steadily towards a goal. Then, when all seems lost, finally they see it in the golden light of the sun and rejoice. When I am happy, when something  really works out, I chant  these verses in my head and I know it’s a special day.
Ali ha ciascuno al core ed ali al piede,
né del suo ratto andar però s’accorge;
ma quando il sol gli aridi campi fiede
con raggi assai ferventi e in alto sorge,
ecco apparir Gerusalem si vede,
ecco additar Gerusalem si scorge,
ecco da mille voci unitamente
Gerusalemme salutar si sente.

Feathered their thoughts, their feet in wings were dight,
Swiftly they marched, yet were not tired thereby,
For willing minds make heaviest burdens light.
But when the gliding sun was mounted high,
Jerusalem, behold, appeared in sight,
Jerusalem they view, they see, they spy,
Jerusalem with merry noise they greet,
With joyful shouts, and acclamations sweet.


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