Happy Easter Monday

happy spring!

Spring is such a crazy special time here. It’s cold, cold, cold. Then one day we wake up and all the little birds are loudly celebrating the first sun. They seem surprised just like us. Look, there’s flowers! forget-me-not! daisies! Isn’t it amazing, one gets surprised every year.
Also we innkeepers get out of our cocoon. It’s been too cold to paint, plaster, vacuum, polish, wax, plant, prune, mow. So we run.  We’ve been alone for 4 months on our magical mountains and soon someone will turn up at our door. How can that be? And, amazingly,  it happens again.
The last Sunday of March we go to the agricultural fair in Bastia Umbra, it’s part of the spring rites. My husband needs to do some tractor watching
some interesting equipment on display at the agricultural fair in Bastia Umbra near Assisi

I need to buy geraniums and aromatic herbs and our daughter loves to see the animals.
There’s all sorts of breeds of farm animals on display and “beauty” contests to choose the champions. I love the song in the video below. It’s a silly ’50s tune where a silly guy calls a silly girl on the phone and repeats to death “you are the most beautiful of all”. Happy spring everyone.


  1. The picture of the ducks is fantastic! It reminds me of the pools and ponds in England! They’re full of ducks just like them!
    Funny vid! Love the chicks!
    Happy Easter – I can just say this with a couple of hours to go!

    • Hi Gis, the ponds in the Netherlands are also full of funky ducks. I love it when the water is frozen and they “skate”, and also the cute green duck houses on the water.

  2. What a cute song! Great video — I like looking at the little sheeps.
    The photo of the tractor is intriguing — are those great big green implements some sort of tiller? Yikes — they’re huge!

  3. Hi Sandra, the big green tractor is a monster indeed. I believe that attachment is used to smooth the soil before planting. I am not sure though as such big machinery cannot be used on our steep slopes, it would tip and dangerously roll to the valley!

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