Italian beauties

girlfriends in Urbino
Tea,  Giulia, Letizia,  Tharani  and furry  Chicca  by  the magnificent Duke Palace in Urbino

I have met some of my best friends in the most unlikely ways. Ruurd  -my husband – and I have crossed paths when he was living in Paris and I was living in Texas. Then we met again in the Netherlands and decided that fate really wanted us together.
Tharani and I started to share recipes in a field station in Tanzania in the early 90’s and we still spend most of our time together talking about good food. In those primitive conditions she could make a delicious pear crumble using Blue Band. This is a scary margarine that refuses to melt even when left in the sun, we had no real butter out in the sticks.
I met a bunch of really, really cool girls on the Slowtravel forum. Giulia has a B&B and organic farm near Urbino, she has an alternate life in Madrid and is a wizard of food transformation. Give her a berry, she’ll make liqueur. Diana has a splendid B&B in Aqui Terme, she’s an artist with golden hands and a passionate mind. Gloria is a volcano of activity including a career in linguistics, managing several vacation rentals, writing, teaching and a dog.
The list is long.  Corinna is in the agriturismo business just like me and knows the profound meaning of hospitality. To be with her and her family is always like to be home! Sandra has left her heart in Italy and needs to travel here as frequently has possible to retrieve it. Rebecca is a very fun writer and nobody knows why she does not have a blog.  Megan has found her love on the steep slopes of Liguria. Sally knows Italy and more, yes, lots more.
I have also made friends with some fantastic people who turned up at my door to stay or for a cooking class, like Noodle who’s a master of exquisite table arrangement and must be Asia’s expert of Italian food, then Linda, Kay, Joanne, Dede and Ken, Pamela and Joerg….. I really am fortunate to have shared so many beautiful moments with so many beautiful people.
In a way – regardless of nationality – my friends are all Italian at heart, at least a bit. That’s because we  share the love and fascination for this crazy country, for its impossible beauty and for its bounty of taste and flavors. My friends are my Italian beauties and for this  I am grateful.

myself with my youngest best friend
myself with my youngest best friend Tea
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  1. Letizia, you are a true Italian beauty, I’m just happy to spend some time in your shadow!
    What a beautiful post — and gorgeous photos. Tea is a charmer, so lovely!
    It is so true that we all share this intense love for Italy (and I’ll be back in June, looking for my heart!)

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