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Alla Madonna del Piatto kitchen: ladies at work with Sicilian pork rolls

This is a wonderful picture  I just received from my friend Myra.
An image of one of those precious moments in life when good simple food brings people together.
Thank you Myra, there are smiles I never forget.


  1. I like the magic and the photo, but where is the recipe? I would love to see a Sicilian pork roll recipe.
    Grazie Letizia.

  2. Letizia, I had totally forgotten the braciole that mom used to make! She prepared them pretty much in the same way that you describe, except that she used to cook them in tomato sauce. Grazie mille per la ricetta. I will try your version, I am sure that I will like it very much. And less work!
    Take care, Maria

  3. Thank you so much for using one of my photos on your wonderful site. I am honored. This is one of my very favorite pictures taken during our last trip to Italy.

  4. Hi Maria, indeed the rolls are called braciole in my family. Cooking with tomato produces a wonderful sauce for pasta, but you need beef as the thin pork loin would get far to tough with the simmering.
    Myra, I am honored to know you have had you all in my house!

  5. That is a fantastic photo, and having had the honour of messing around in your kitchen several times, I feel like it really captures the fun of cooking together.
    Next time I’m in your kitchen, I’m going to try and snap a similar photo for myself!

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