limoncello melon mousse

my very own light, fruity and good looking melon mousse
my very own light and fruity  melon mousse

This dessert is like a bite of summer and I am proud of it as it’s my personal creation. It’s a love story between a limoncello based fruit salad and a delicate panna cotta.



  • g 150 (5 oz) cleaned cubed cantaloupe melon
  • 2 sheets gelatin
  • 70 gr. ( ¼ cup)  sugar
  • 150 ml ( 2/3 cup) whipping cream
  • ½ teasp vanilla extract


  • 1 slice of melon
  • juice of 1/4 lemon
  • 1 scant tabsp sugar
  • 2 tabsp limoncello

Soften gelatin in cold water for at least 15 min.  Meanwhile, blend the melon and sugar with a mixer, add the cream and transfer it into a pan. Bring the mixture to low boil, remove from heat.  Meanwhile take the gelatin from the water squeezing the sheets with your hand to get read of the liquid. Add the gelatin to the melon, whisk it well in, add the vanilla extract and let the mixture cool down.

Pour the mixture into 4 serving cups or ramekins and place them in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

Scoop out the rest of the melon with a melon baller and transfer it in a marinade of lemon juice, sugar and limoncello for at least 3 hours.
Serve the melon mousse prettily topped with the marinated fresh melon.

Serves 2

NB. Four sheets of gelatin are equivalent to one American or Canadian package of powder gelatin. One envelope should solidify 1 cup liquid. As explained for the panna cotta, try to experiment with the amount of gelatin to obtain a soft set pudding. If using powder gelatin, soften it not in water but in a small amount of the cream as indicated on packaged instructions. When softened, add it to the warm melon mixture.

18 thoughts on “limoncello melon mousse

  1. Thanks for posting this! My mom and I have both tried various versions with mango, peach, and strawberries. Thank you again for such a wonderful afternoon!! Cooking in your kitchen was the perfect dessert to our vacation!


  2. I’m having a dinner party on Sunday…this is a perfect end of summer dessert. I still have a few sheets of the gelatin you gave me when we were there making fresh pasta. It’s been a year already. I think we need to come back for a refresher course. My husband has started taking cooking classes with me now so I think he’d join us the next time we get to Italy…soon I hope.

    Cheers, Marvyl


  3. I ‘ve made Letizia’s panna cotta many times and can add this gelatin tweeking a bit. While the mathematical calculation is correct, I find that adding 1/4 of a packet more approaches the consistency of the panna cotta. In any event, my guests love this, regardless of the consistency.


  4. Another of your recipes I am eager to try! My Laguna friends love my experimenting with your Italian inspirations.


  5. Ciao Letizia – we are back home & I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful day we spent cooking with you. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip! We will definitely be making the above dessert again & soon – it was FANTASTIC! Im hoping to have fresh cantaloupe from my garden soon. My tomatoes are coming in nicely – would you be able to point me to the farro salad recipe that we made? Thanks – & I just started my hunt for the Elderberry bush so I’ll let you know how that goes. By the way, I tried friending you on FB but I couldnt so I subscribed – not sure if that’s the same thing. Let me know if you found the magnet glasses holder- if not I’ll find out where I got it from. Take care & thanks again – Maira Testa


    1. Hi Maria, how wonderful to hear from you and to know that you are going to use the knowledge of teh cooking class soon! Sorry it has taken a few days, but only yesterday I have managed to publish the recipe of the farro salad, here it is. I have now friended on FB, I don’t know why it did not let you do it! All the very best and a million thanks for having been here! Ciao, Letizia


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