Spicy olive oil

beautiful chilies on Taitu porcelain from my kitchen collection
beautiful  chilies  on  Taitu  porcelain from  my  kitchen  collection

SPICY  OLIVE OIL. We call this “the democratic spicy oil” or “the family solution”. My daughter cannot stand spicy food, I adore everything “piccante”, that is seriously hot, my husband somewhere in between. So I always have a jar filled with very dry and hot chili peppers covered in olive oil. I keep it in a dark cool cabinet. After about a month the oil is very spicy, you can remove the chilies and use it by the drop on any food you like. It is not only spicy but it does taste very nice and authentically Mediterranean.

the "permanent" jar of dry chilies in olive oil
the “permanent” jar of dry chilies in olive oil


  1. this is beautiful. Last year I tried by putting a whole pepper in the oil in a bottle. But the top of the pepper came to the top and got mouldy. I will do your system this coming season. You are my mentor!!

  2. and so you are my dear!
    PS. you can by those cannamela chili peppers in any supermarket, so you can start whenever you want. It’s important that they are very dry

  3. What a great idea — I love spicy, and this oil sounds wonderful.
    I guess the chilis must be very dry when they enter the oil to avoid contamination? Or to ensure there is no water messing up the oil and helping the chilis float up out of the oil?

  4. That article is very interesting, and makes it pretty clear why the chilis (or tomatoes or other veg) have to be bone dry before submersion in oil.
    I’m going to try this, but I’ll be certain to get very, very dry chilis.
    Brilliant — thanks!

    • Hi Phyllis you need dried peppers, as in preserved dried and if you wash them, make sure to let them dry again for at least a week. You don’t want to introduce any moisture to prevent development of nasty bugs!

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