children's carnival in Spoleto, South Umbria
children's carnival in Spoleto, Southern Umbria

Its’ Carnival and -if I close my eyes – I can make winter go away. The glory and glamour of Venice and Rio de Janeiro are far away. Here in rural Umbria Carnival is a mostly a celebration for children. It’s all about being curious of the costumes of your school friends. It’s about stuffing yourself with all sorts of deep fried sweets bathed in sugar or honey, strufoli, frappe, castagnole.  It’s about running in the village streets under a rain of confetti.
typical Carnival party goers
typical party goers

Most villages organize Carnival festivals in February. The different districts of a village or town work throughout the winter to make themed floats which are paraded in the streets on Sunday afternoons.
decorated floats parading in the village
decorated floats parade

Floats are sponsored by local business, like the butcher, the baker, the hair dresser, the cafe, the tractors shop.

serious business

There is music and dance and everyone has fun. There’s candy for the little ones and wine for the grown ups.

no wine? No party
no wine? No party

In the end there is always someone too tired after the party. Hopefully she will not have a hang over tomorrow.

too much!


  1. Letizia, what fabulous photos! I didn’t realize Spoleto has its own Carnevale….and February would be the perfect time of year, when everyone needs a bit of a boost.
    Those children are adorable.

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