A note about pasta sauce: no swimming!

appropriate location of vast amounts of liquid
no need to swim in sauce!

Before I to proceed with my got-to-recipe for one of the most delicious foods on earth – fresh pasta – please let me tell you something about sauce.

First of all there should always be a sauce. Outside of Italy is still non uncommon to find pasta served with no sauce as a side of a portion of meat or fish. I have also seen plenty of pasta drowing in heavy, oily sauces.

In Italy however, pasta is expected to be always cooked “al dente” , strained, tossed with the  sauce – and a dash of pasta water if needed – then served quickly to enjoy it at the right temperature and texture.

Feel free to walk out from any restaurant serving a plate of plain pasta surmounted by a dollop of sauce. That’s cheap service and shows no respect for both the food and the customer.
Last but not least, no swimming! Your pasta should be lightly coated by the sauce, not swim in it! Excess sauce, particularly if greasy 🙁 , alters the balance of taste and texture making the dish soggy and unpleasantly heavy.
Floating is for ducks, not for spaghetti, please!


  1. Excellent advice, Letizia! (Believe me, I follow that closely in making your lasagne recipe!)

  2. Yes, Sandra, I was going to post the lasagne recipe soon with a link to your blog so I can prove that I pester everybody with my “no swimming” concept!

  3. I am tempted to post a link to this on my facebook. Recently a friend made spaghetti al pomodoro with a huge glop of red, processed sauce on top. He was so proud, he posted pictures. I wanted so badly to say something, but I refrained. Perhaps, if I post this, he will get the hint?

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