Happy New Year

our smile from the land of smiles
our smile from the land of smiles

SO,  we are just back from a most wonderful holiday in Thailand and Hong Kong. The picture above is taken just before the amazing wedding of our dear friends Hein and Nok in Chiang Mai, we are wearing Lanna Thai costumes. One cannot just stop smiling in Thailand.

Happy New year, peace and health to everyone. And yes, we also wish you holidays, they are so good for the soul.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Oh, you do look relaxed (and beautiful!).
    My friend, Tea is almost as tall as you are!!! 😮 We have to get together soon or she’ll be taller than me! 😉
    Kisses to the three of you!


  2. Ciao Letizia! I have just discovered your wonderful blog from reading a comment you left on Diana’s blog. Like Diana I am thrilled that you will be sharing stories of Italian life and especially your wonderful cooking tips and recipes. Congratulations! I look forward to stopping by when I can. I will surely let my friends who accompanied me to your cooking class. They will love it! Beautiful picture of your family. Happy New Year!


    1. Hi Colleen! How nice to see you here. I have to find the courage to send an email to all friends to tell them about the blog, but I keep delaying. I have a lot of good pictures Ruurd is taking at virtually any meal, so it is just a matter to sit down and put them up. Hugs!


    1. Ciao Sandra, this has been one of the best vacation ever. We had a difficult time before leaving beacuse of my parents health and we tought we had to cancel everything. Then 3 days before departure everything turned for the best and we were able to go. We felt so priviledged and happy because we were on holidays in a beautiful friendly country. I really could not stop smiling! I was really extraordinarily happy!!


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