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the reckless Easter sprint

Happy Easter!

My right eye has been twitching quite often recently.

It’s a sign of stress. I have been running out of time.

In most countries of the world, if they tell you have 9 months for renovating a roof, you think you have time. I am talking of a relatively small roof which insist on a 5 rooms apartment. It takes 2 weeks to actually do the work.

In Italy however, time works in a different dimension. Nine months are a very short time, they equals hours here no, minutes. It produces additional grey hair, sleepless nights and twitching eyes.

At the beginning of May last year we have bought the other half of our house, after almost 10 years of waiting and worries. Then we thought ” how wonderful, we’ll make ourselves green”. We’ll have a biomass heater, a ventilated roof and we’ll produce electricity and hot water with solar panels. Cool eh?

But a man who has no permits cannot do the works.

And so it is that we have ventured into one of Italy’s darkest tunnels. B.U.R.E.A.U.C.R.A.C.Y.

And so it is that after a long, quiet winter during which we have no B&B guests, all the crazy permits have only arrived two weeks ago. That is two weeks before opening up for the tourist season.

the roof on March 21, tiles removed, just a layer of cement

the roof on March 28, insulation installed, panels half way

And so it is that the last roof tiles have gone up on the roof this afternoon at 5:00

And so it is that the first guests have arrived this afternoon at 5:30.

And they have smiled. And they have found the place beautiful.

And the solar panels are there and I am so relieved I think I want to cry.

Happy Easter everyone, have a nice, quiet, peaceful time.


PS. I have no pictures of the new good-looking tiles, I will take them tomorrow, after taking care of my guests :)


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