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spring on the plate: soft scrambled eggs with fragrant wild asparagus

With all the running around, worries and excitement about the new house I forgot to post my April article in The American in Italia magazine featuring another of my favorite recipes, Parmesan and asparagus eggs.

Please remember that if you don’t have wild asparagus or the season is over, you need to choose fairly thin green asparagus and use them as soon as possible so they stay fresh and crunchy. Remove the woody part of the stem, toss with 1 tablespoon olive oil per 1/2 pound asparagus and broil them for 15-20 min until just cooked through and slightly charred.Remove from under the grill, add some crushed garlic, cover and let them infuse for at least 10 min.

I use this method of preparation as a lovely side dish and for most of my asparagus recipes like risotto, spaghetti, and beef. I also chop them, mix them with equal weight of fresh ricotta and a couple of tablespoon grated Parmesan to use as a filling for ravioli or as a spread on crostini.

The picture below has nothing to do with the recipe. Its an Apsara, a heavenly dancer I got to know about during our winter trip in Cambodia. It’s just that I have this crazy name association between their name and my favorite vegetable. It’s becoming an obsession, but I promise, no more asparagus until next year!

An Apsara, a heavenly dancer of Hindu Mithology

Author: madonnadelpiatto

Former scientist, I now run B&B and cooking school Alla Madonna del Piatto in Assisi, Umbria, central Italy, together with my husband Ruurd, daughter Tea and truffle dog Google. We love good food and wine, travel, beautiful handicrafts like textiles and pottery. We feel fortunate to be able to share our magical mountain with many friends from all over the world.

10 thoughts on “asparagus 101

  1. I love wild asparagus. My husband and I go out when asparagus season is in and come back with arm loads. Love the fritatta.


  2. The asparagus and eggs looks real good. Yummy !!! Join me at


  3. Oh Yeah you’re singing my song with your food sections.


  4. That is such a beautiful relief, Letizia — I can see why you love the Hindu dancer so much.

    This recipe looks fantastic — I’ve been eating a lot of asparagus lately. When my brother was visiting, we were eating it almost every night! Now, I’m in the habit (for as long as it’s available.)


  5. Alas, I no longer have access to wild asparagus so the thin cultivated kind will have to do. But I’m sure they’ll be delicious anyway made this way!


  6. Hi Frank, I am sure you can make wonderful things even with cultivated asparagus!


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