madonna del piatto

Italian family cooking

notte di luna calante


NIGHT OF THE WANING MOON. I need to fix a memory. A man and a woman,  a love song, their first dance.

My parents, 1960.


silvery rain from the sky

no, it’s the waning moon

no, it’s love with you

on a solitary beach

barefoot with me

summer moonlight

last night of love

when autumn will come

nothing will be left of us

Author: madonnadelpiatto

Former scientist, I now run B&B and cooking school Alla Madonna del Piatto in Assisi, Umbria, central Italy, together with my husband Ruurd, daughter Tea and truffle dog Google. We love good food and wine, travel, beautiful handicrafts like textiles and pottery. We feel fortunate to be able to share our magical mountain with many friends from all over the world.

3 thoughts on “notte di luna calante

  1. Abbiamo bisogno di piu’ dettagli! Sembra un primo incontro molto romantico! Dove si sono incontrati e che e’ successo dopo. Si sono innamorati presto o c’era un corteggiamento lungo? ;-)


  2. That’s lovely, Letizia! What a beautiful song…..


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