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I’am above the clouds


early morning view of Assisi from our windows

early morning view of Assisi from our windows

Author: madonnadelpiatto

Former scientist, I now run B&B and cooking school Alla Madonna del Piatto in Assisi, Umbria, central Italy, together with my husband Ruurd, daughter Tea and truffle dog Google. We love good food and wine, travel, beautiful handicrafts like textiles and pottery. We feel fortunate to be able to share our magical mountain with many friends from all over the world.

6 thoughts on “I’am above the clouds

  1. Soooooo beautiful (I came here today via Twitter — I’m going to figure this out yet!)


  2. Hi Sandra, leaves are tender green and the wisteria is blooming, just amazing with the blue clouds…


  3. I also came here via Twitter! That photo is stunning and makes me want to pack my bags right away!



  4. That is an unbelievably gorgeous photograph…



  5. I feel so fortunate. Every morning I open my windows and I see this.


  6. hi Letizia
    my mom and I had the pleasure of staying with you in July 2008 and I loved sitting under the grape arbor, this picture is the same view we would have each morning. I am delighted you have a new website and am thrilled with the recipes. We would love to see more photos, how’s google doing? that’s her dog….and your beautiful daughter.
    Pat & Kay


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